COWBOY MAGIC® GREENSPOT® REMOVER The shower from the bottle is easy to use, especially for:

- Immediate removal of fertilizer and urine stains.
- Immediate removal of wet or dried sweat.
- Gives the freshly cleaned areas a light shine after brushing.

It works instantly: splits foreign molecules and dissolves fertilizers, urine, dirt and sweat and melts them away.

Also suitable for people: GREENSPOT® REMOVER is great for campers and hikers. No water is required, except for a wet towel to activate the ingredients to dissolve the dirt or sweat. Followed by a dry towel to remove the dirt or sweat.


1. Spray on the body
2. Massage in thoroughly
3. Rub with a dry towel.
Warning: For external use only.


120 mL / 4 fl oz € 4.95
473 mL / 16 fl oz € 12.45
944 mL / 32 fl oz € 17.95
3785 mL / gallon € 53.45


  • Also suitable for people
  • It works instantly

Greenspot Remover


Cowboy Magic care product