Long Reins produced by Farbenreiter!
​​The basic price of this product is 24,90€ (depends on the length)

Shetty (4m) 24,90€
Pony (4,8m) 29,90€
Thoroughbred (5,5m) 32,90€
Warmblood (6m) 34,90€
Draft Horse (7m) 39,90€

You can choose between "Snaps" or "Buckles" which will be Conways.
All reins will be 12mm wide.
You can find more Information about the material on the site "Material"
ATTENTION: neon colors can rub off!

Long Reins 4m/4.8m/5.5m/6m/7m

Biothane Colors

We will always produce a one size, so you need to choose between Minishettland, Shettland, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood or Drafthorse.

It will be the full length within snaps or buckles.