Here you will find our double lengths, which are manufactured according to your wishes.

The basic price for a double lunge is € 49.99,

this has 3.5m rope per side and the rest is made of Biothane.

If you don't want snaps but buckles (Conway), you can select this on the right.

Short double lunge (14m) € 49.99
other lengths are only possible on request!

The standard width of the Biothane is 12mm and the rope 10mm.

Premium double lunge 14m - UNI

SKU: 165
Biothane Colors
Rope Color (plain)

If you would like a one size fits all, please indicate for which type of horse (pony, thoroughbred, warmblood, draft horse) you use the double lunge most often, shorter than 14m possible.