Here you will find our colored bridle for bitless riding.


----- Only while supplies last! -----


You can only buy the color wheels for € 24.99 * Link * or of course with suitable accessories!


The chin pad is optional (+ 10 €)


Small: wheels about 60mm

Standard: wheels approx. 80mm



You can find exact pictures of the colors of the Biothane and the upholstery on our page "The Material".


ATTENTION: Neon colors can rub off!


Dimensions for our sizes in cm in the largest setting:

Nose circumference - neck length - throat width


Minishetty: 50-75-30

Shetty: 55-80-35

Pony: 60 - 85 - 40

Whole blood: 65 - 95 - 45

Warmblood: 70-105-55

Cold blood: 75 - 115 - 75

Rope color wheel - set - colorful


If you would like a one size fits all, please indicate for which type of horse (pony, thoroughbred, warmblood, draft horse) you use the set most often.